MIAMI, FLORIDA & DALLAS, TEXAS (May 2023) – OmicsEdge has launched an industry leading drug discovery service that leverages Almaden’s g.nome® platform to streamline the iteration process. The service makes it easy for labs to conduct a quick analysis of a patient or trial participant’s medical condition and genomics, gaining valuable insight in genomic criteria and how it affects elevated risk. The service can be used to significantly accelerate the drug discovery process and eliminate trial-and-error with abilities such as identifying causal variants that make ideal drug targets.

“Most clinical trials do not take genomics into account as a confounding factor, even though they play a major role in both results and analysis,” said David Gascoigne, CEO of Almaden Genomics. “Together with OmicsEdge, our technology allows those conducting or pursuing clinical trials to incorporate genomics into the selection of targets for discovery.”

OmicsEdge is a science-first bioinformatics company, and is the only one utilizing ancestry-informed Polygenic Risk Scores based on over 83 million genetic variants and benchmarking. Its team of software engineers, data scientists, MDs and geneticists leads the industry in polygenic risk scoring, imputation, and ancestry determination. OmicsEdge partners with clients on bioinformatic projects including GWAS analysis, RNA-Seq, and spatial genomics with use cases in supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies during drug discovery, diagnostic development, and post-market surveillance work.

“Our team has decades of experience in helping organizations with their genomics and bioinformatics projects, from development and execution to publication,” said Puya Yazdi, M.D., Chief Science Officer and Chief Medical Officer of OmicsEdge. “Almaden’s g.nome platform is an invaluable tool in our work that accelerates development of state-of-the-art pipelines, enabling us to iterate quickly and efficiently, freeing our team to focus on answering important biological questions.”

Launched in 2022, g.nome revolutionizes bioinformatic pipeline building with an advanced visual drag-and-drop workflow builder and curated library of tools to condense what previously has taken months to mere hours. Most pharma and research institutes still perform the laborious work of building pipelines with solutions being hand-coded by a limited number of highly skilled bioinformaticians. The g.nome platform, which integrates with Jupyter Notebook, eliminates the need for coding in most applications and allows the broader research team to actively participate in the pipeline iteration and executing processes.


About OmicsEdge

Bioinformatics technology from OmicsEdge processes and analyzes genomic and phenotypic data at an unprecedented scale providing unmatched utility for any organization performing diagnostic and drug development processes or research. Formed in 2021, OmicsEdge’s mission is to make precision health affordable to all by empowering organizations to easily build precision health products using its bioinformatics infrastructure. For more information, visit omicsedge.com


About Almaden Genomics

Almaden Genomics is accelerating drug discovery with g.nome®, a cloud-native platform designed to unite scientists and bioinformaticians in high-throughput sequencing data analysis. Brought to market by a team of bioinformaticians, engineers and industry professionals, g.nome provides an easy-to-use GUI workflow builder with strong iteration, version control and data provenance capabilities, and enables bioinformaticians and biologists to collaborate more effectively by translating complex code into easy-to-understand, visual representations. Formerly part of IBM Research, Almaden Genomics became a new standalone company under Catalyze Dallas’ ownership in 2022. For more information, visit www.almaden.io.