We know data security is on the top of your mind because it’s on ours too.  We have built all of our systems and the g.nome®  platform with security at its core. 


The g.nome Platform employs end-to-end encryption of data during storage, transit and computation with owner ability to set authorizations for role-based access control ensuring collaboration with controls. 


Almaden Genomics Security

  • HIPAA Ready with Attestation extending best practice security
  • Periodic third-party Penetration Testing (including DAST)
  • Vulnerability Scanning (SAST) of code, open source (SCA), and container images
  • Encryption of all transmissions with secure/compliant protocols
  • Data in motion (DIME) of all transmissions with secure/compliant protocols
  • Data at rest encryption (DARE) using compliant AES-256 standards
  • Cloud native execution environment following industry standard security hardening guidance
  • Secure authentication, authorization using role-based access control (RBAC), and audit tracking of privileged access
  • Data Privacy compliant (GDPR, et al)