We democratize and accelerate bioinformatics by breaking down barriers in biotech R&D.

Almaden Genomics is the end-to-end omics data science company
that unlocks the power of simplified data exploration and rapid iteration, so you not only have confidence in your research direction and spend, but also a higher probability of success in delivering breakthrough treatments to those in need.  


Our g.nome®  platform is a data analysis solution that provides scientists with an end-to-end approach for life sciences discovery. With g.nome, you select the right datasets for your research using simple queries. Next, pick one of our pre-built, fully modifiable workflows to get quick results and visualizations. Then dig deeper with associated tertiary analysis for a fuller understanding of underlying factors. g.nome enables you to modify any steps along the way with complete traceability and reproducibility of your results. 


When you work with us, you get more than just a SaaS license. Our experienced team of data scientists is here to help you with your most difficult challenges.


We're condensing what has previously taken months to mere hours — accelerating genomic discovery and the delivery of health benefits around the world.

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