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 If you prefer, you can also contact our support team via email at Although this method may be convenient, please keep in mind that the customer portal offers several advantages over email requests, such as real-time updates and a more efficient exchange of information. 


Accelerate discovery with g.nome, a cloud-native platform that delivers streamlined, scalable and interoperable workflows for next generation sequencing analysis. g.nome provides a low-code/no-code pipeline build. With pre-built workflows and toolkits from a curated library, g.nome is giving power to researchers — enabling them to import custom code, handle big datasets reliably and optimize team collaboration from anywhere.


With g.nome, long-time barriers linked to workflow language, process flow visibility and quality control are removed. All that’s left are streamlined, scalable and interoperable genomic workflows — leaving research teams to do what they do best: focus on the science.