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Take control of your omics data analysis with our cloud-based, scalable platform. With g.nome you can easily process and visualize your data, enabling you to uncover insights faster.


"This platform has been a game changer.

We have been able to acquire customers and scale our business by providing results in a fraction of the time it used to take. We can now deliver in days, not months. It is helping us move at the speed of our own innovation, and that is priceless.”

Puya Yazdi, M.D.
Chief Science Officer & Chief Medical Officer

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"Starting with a
pre-built workflow

for single-cell analysis was incredibly easy and a huge time saver. I didn't have to build anything from scratch, yet I still had full visibility to the underlying workflow and the ability to make modifications so I could focus on specific gene signatures."

Nohelly Derosiers
PhD Candidate
University of Pennsylvania

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"As a service provider,

g.nome has so many benefits for us. It really just checks all of the boxes. We're saving resources by lowering our time with building pipelines, we're saving on system maintenance, on storage, and on computational costs as well.”

Hannah Dose
Co-Founder and CEO

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"This is a direction

that we as experimental scientists need to be moving in, not only to increase our productivity, but also to make sure that we get the most out of these datasets that we have spent so much time and money collecting."

David Corey, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
UT Southwestern

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g.nome Simplifies Data for All

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After developing a workflow either in Nextflow or on the platform canvas, leverage g.nome's AI/ML capabilities to enable your colleagues to execute the workflow independently by answering a few simple questions.

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With g.nome, researchers can analyze data autonomously. Without the need for technical support to run and modify workflows, your research can move fast and you can stay focused on the science.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists

Transform your data into actionable insights. Access detailed reports and interactive visualizations to uncover hidden patterns and trends. Seamlessly integrate advanced tools like Jupyter Notebooks for comprehensive analysis.

End-to-End Data Analysis Platform


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Drowning in data? Streamline your analysis projects with g.nome's robust tools for easy data organization, centralized access, and complete project management.


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Unlock the power of the cloud to process datasets of any size, and accelerate insights with g.nome's intuitive interface that accommodates users of all skill levels.


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Bring your data to life. With powerful visualization tools, you'll gain valuable insights with reports and interactive visualizations.


Not Your Average SaaS


Unleash the Power of Your Data

Empower your research with robust, scalable solutions designed to accommodate your most demanding data analysis needs. Our platform supports an extensive range of data types and formats, from genomic FASTQs to large-scale HDF5s, and handles the largest datasets with ease.


Intuitive and Accessible for All Scientists

Enhance collaboration and productivity across your team with tools that everyone can use effortlessly. Designed with every researcher in mind, our platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those with minimal computational experience can perform complex analyses.

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Tailored Services to Maximize Productivity

Deliver impressive solutions without building from scratch. g.nome's enterprise architecture allows our agile team of biologists, data scientists, and developers to cost-effectively tailor custom pipelines and interfaces to meet your unique needs.


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