THE g.nome®


Designed to accommodate scientists of all skill levels by providing a drag-and-drop graphical user interface, g.nome enables diverse, widespread teams to build powerful bioinformatic workflows.

Accelerate discovery with g.nome, a cloud-native platform that delivers streamlined, scalable and interoperable workflows for next generation sequencing analysis. g.nome provides a low-code/no-code pipeline build. With pre-built workflows and toolkits from a curated library, g.nome is giving power to researchers — enabling them to import custom code, handle big datasets reliably and optimize team collaboration from anywhere.


With g.nome, long-time barriers linked to workflow language, process flow visibility and quality control are removed. All that’s left are streamlined, scalable and interoperable genomic workflows — leaving research teams to do what they do best: focus on the science.


Advanced Workflow Builder

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop GUI combined with a curated library of pre-built workflows, trusted open-source tools and the ability to import custom code makes the platform incredibly easy to use
  • The low/no-code platform allows contribution without coding expertise, enabling you to optimize team collaboration from anywhere
  • Accelerate pipeline development with a single platform from proof of concept to production
  • Simple, visual format with visibility to all parameters makes inconsistencies and errors easy to identify.
monitor-800-Advanced-Workflow-Builder (1)

Workflow Project Management

  • Intuitive Workbench interface provides unparalleled visibility into all your projects
  • Customized project cards and keyword searching enables better organization and quick data retrieval
  • Workspace security and administration allows you to add new collaborators and team members seamlessly

NEW! Jupyter Notebook Integration

  • Data visualization via Jupyter Notebook compounds g.nome’s capabilties and makes iteration even easier
  • Reciprocal file sharing means you can seamlessly process and visualize data that is integral to advancing modern medicine
  • Record notes and interpret analyses in a fully customizable format
Data Visualization in Jupyter Notebook

Transparency at Every Level

Individual Contributor

  • Stringent version control within our stable and containerized environment provides confidence that pipelines are reliable and reproducible


  • Visibility to every tool, every version and every parameter ensures detailed pipeline auditability
  • Systematic tracking assures data provenance for every pipeline run output

Administrative user

  • Granular cost tracking at a run and project level gives users and organizations
    insights into their spending and control over their budgets
  • Secure authentication and authorization using role-based access control (RBAC) and audit tracking of privileged access

Built-In Cloud-Native Infrastructure

  • Automatic scalability and proven cloud-computing architecture processes large-scale datasets with great efficiency
  • Elastic processing capabilities allow you to optimize your run and assign increased computational power to pieces of your pipeline at a granular level
  • Security and Compliance: The security of your data is our highest priority. We employ industry standard best practices for enterprise cloud security throughout the system
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