DALLAS (March 2024) – Almaden Genomics has partnered with Elucidata to incorporate Polly’s data harmonization engine into g.nome®, significantly expanding the number of datasets available in the cloud-native omics data science solution. Now equipped to deliver greater insights with Polly’s comprehensive collection of harmonized biomolecular data, g.nome becomes an even more complete end-to-end offering for researchers.

Polly will live at the frontend of g.nome, enabling an easy transition into secondary analysis,” said David Gascogine, Chief Executive Officer of Almaden Genomics. “Partnerships like this help us populate the complete analysis pipeline in g.nome, which gives researchers an easy starting point, allowing them to explore their data and get to insights faster.”

Aiming to adopt an integrated approach with access to ML-ready data, Polly harmonizes the vast and diverse biological data from in-house experiments, public repositories, CROs, and clinical trials.

“When we find ways to make the data we have do more, we have the chance to truly accelerate discovery,” said Abhishek Jha, co-founder and CEO of Elucidata. “We are helping life sciences companies harmonize data that is traditionally scattered across multiple, disparate sources but holds tremendous potential for reuse and drug discovery. Through our partnership with g.nome, any scientist can now do something useful with their data.”

g.nome delivers pre-built, transparent, and fully modifiable workflows that enable researchers to unlock results quickly and easily, and to dig deeper where needed—with a complete understanding of the results and where they came from.


About Elucidata

Elucidata was founded in 2015 with the mission to give back every possible hour spent on routine data and MLops tasks to scientists, shifting their focus to high-value research, and eventually ensuring that drugs reach patients sooner. Elucidata provides solutions for R&D teams to better leverage data and reduce their drug development timelines. Polly's powerful harmonization engine processes data from experiments, CROs and public repositories, links them to harmonized metadata and transforms them into ML-ready formats. Elucidata has offices in San Francisco, Cambridge(MA), New Delhi, and Bangalore. 


About Almaden Genomics

Almaden Genomics provides the power of simplified data exploration and rapid iteration to enable a higher probability of success in drug discovery. With Almaden’s g.nome™ data analysis solution, scientists have an end-to-end approach to discovery with complete visibility, traceability and reproducibility of the results. The cloud-based platform integrates quickly and easily to immediately impact research goals by providing an intuitive interface that encourages effortless iteration and collaboration. Almaden Genomics is a Catalyze Partners (www.catalyze.partners) portfolio company. For more information, visit www.almaden.io.