Discover how one biopharmaceutical company successfully streamlined their bioinformatics processes, saved time and money, and gained access to advanced analysis capabilities.

The Partner

A cutting-edge biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop targeted therapies for oncology and rare diseases.


The Problem

The company was undertaking a critical project involving the analysis of datasets from the SRA. However, the organization faced several challenges:

  1. Outsourcing Cost and Time: They relied on CROs to process their data, leading to high costs and time-consuming delays in obtaining results.

  2. Bringing Bioinformatics In: To address these challenges, they decided to build an internal bioinformatics function. However, developing their infrastructure from scratch would require significant resources and time.


The Solution

In their quest to streamline their bioinformatics processes, this company turned to g.nome®. By utilizing g.nome, they were able to overcome their challenges thanks to:

  1. Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Solution: g.nome provided a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing by offering in-house bioinformatics capabilities with standardized pipeline building functions for a growing team. This allowed the company to not only save time and money, but also to have more direct insight to their costs.

  2. No Need to Build Infrastructure: With g.nome's readily available cloud-based infrastructure, they didn't have to invest time and resources in building a data-processing infrastructure from scratch. Instead of spending time setting up and maintaining a complex system, the team could focus on the research.


The Results

The implementation of g.nome brought remarkable results:

cost savings
  7 months
time savings


1. Rapid Infrastructure Deployment and Cost Avoidance: By leveraging g.nome's built-in infrastructure, they expedited their bioinformatics initiatives, saving an estimated 7 months of development time and circumventing the need to invest approximately $300,000 in building their own infrastructure. This strategic decision not only fast-tracked their research but also conserved valuable resources for driving innovation in their core oncology focus areas.

(per pipeline)

cost savings
  11 weeks
time savings

2. Analysis Time and Cost Savings: By utilizing g.nome to conduct their data analysis in-house, this biopharmaceutical company achieved remarkable efficiency gains and saved an estimated 11 weeks and $60,000 for each pipeline development compared to their previous outsourcing approach. This translates into a projected annual savings of $720,000 for one project per month, allowing the team to allocate resources to further accelerate research and development efforts.


$111 million saved
due to timeline acceleration

3. Valuable Time Savings in Drug Development: With an average drug development cost of $2.5B over a span of 10+ years, the average daily cost for drug development is estimated at $570,000. Thanks to g.nome's ability to accelerate their discovery and eliminate almost 10 months from their process — 7 months of infrastructure setup, plus 11 weeks for a CRO to develop a single pipeline — the company is estimated to have saved over $111 million.



By implementing g.nome, this biopharmaceutical company not only effectively addressed their challenges of outsourcing cost and time but also harnessed significant efficiency gains, resulting in accelerated research and substantial projected cost savings. This strategic partnership has empowered them to propel their pioneering work in targeted oncology therapies while avoiding resource-draining infrastructure development, exemplifying how cutting-edge technology can redefine and elevate industry standards.



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