The Partner

AUGenomics is a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) service provider committed to facilitating access to high-quality NGS resources for or on behalf of scientists, researchers, and emerging laboratories. The organization's mission is centered around removing barriers in the genomics field by simplifying and expediting NGS processes. AUGenomics offers a comprehensive range of NGS services, covering everything from sample preparation to intricate data analysis. Their services must be adapted to projects of varying size and complexity while maintaining rapid turnaround times.

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The Problem

The challenges faced by AUGenomics stem from the resource-intensive nature of sequencing services, leading to inconsistencies and difficulties in maintaining reproducibility across projects.

  • Workflow Inconsistency: Varying tools and versions among team members compromise project reproducibility and hinder collaboration, leading to inconsistent workflows.
  • Scalability and Resource Challenges: Bottlenecks in turnaround times, increased computational costs, and the diversion of resources for addressing technical limitations impede project development and growth opportunities.
  • Security and Liability Risks: Tools lacking strict security protocols elevate the risk of data breaches and loss, exposing the organization to legal and regulatory liabilities.
  • Lack of Documentation and Efficiency: Inadequate documentation for bioinformatics tools complicates troubleshooting, consuming valuable time and resources and hindering overall data analysis efficiency.


The Solution

AUGenomics turned to g.nome®, a comprehensive data analysis platform, to address its bioinformatic challenges. With g.nome, AUG was able to optimize workflows and streamline their NGS processes. The key benefits to working with g.nome included:

  • Resource Savings: g.nome significantly reduced the time spent on building pipelines, system maintenance, and storage and computational costs, leading to substantial resource savings.
  • User-Friendly Workflow Creation: Creating workflows was exceptionally easy with g.nome, involving a simple drag-and-drop process for connecting tools, resulting in swift and efficient workflow setup.
  • Modularity and Integration: The modular nature of g.nome enabled the integration of required tooling, eliminating concern over package dependencies and compilation.
  • Cloud-Based Efficiency: As an entirely cloud-based solution, g.nome enabled simultaneous running of multiple analyses, maximizing time efficiency and operational flexibility.


The Results

Utilizing g.nome yielded remarkable results for AUGenomics, demonstrating a substantial improvement in efficiency and reliability:

  • Enhanced Variant Analysis:  The g.nome pipeline exhibited improved variant analysis with a higher concordance of single nucleotide variant (SNV) calls, as compared to previous approach to pipeline building.


  • Optimized Transition Transversion Ratio: The transition to transversion (Ti/Tv) ratio aligned closely with the  expected ratio of three, indicating the effective removal of false positives and improved filtering accuracy.


  • Time Savings: AUGenomics saved over 30 hands-on hours compared to its previous approach, with only a 10-hour setup for the first workflow and documentation, as compared to their previous two-week pipeline build.


in time efficiency


  • Reduced Cost: The ease of use and efficiency led to an average monthly project savings of $1500, empowering the team to focus on method developments and other strategic initiatives.


$1500 saved per month
on this single project




For AUGenomics, the integration of g.nome was transformative, addressing critical bioinformatics challenges and delivering tangible benefits. The adoption of g.nome not only optimized workflows but also resulted in substantial resource savings, reducing both time and costs. The user-friendly nature of g.nome democratized the workflow creation process, allowing the entire team to actively collaborate on developing new and efficient workflows. The modularity and integrative capabilities of g.nome provide long-term value through increasing improvements in efficiency and reproducibility. 


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the AUGenomics team had to say:

Hannah Dose
Hannah Dose
Co-Founder and CEO
As a service provider, g.nome has so many benefits for us. It really just checks all of the boxes. We're saving resources by lowering our time with building pipelines, we're saving on system maintenance, on storage, and on computational costs as well.