GenomeWeb - December 2023

DALLAS (December 2023) – Almaden Genomics has incorporated an end-to-end solution into g.nome® to process, analyze, and visualize single-cell RNAseq data. A cloud-native platform designed for high-throughput sequencing data analysis, g.nome now includes features for alignment and quantification of gene expression per cell, Seurat clustering analysis, reference-based cell-type annotation, and built-in parallelization.

The alignment and quantification of gene expression per cell in g.nome utilizes STARsolo with 10X faster speeds than alternate solutions, while the Seurat clustering analysis incorporates optional sample batch effect correction and batch integration. Reference-based cell-type annotation with SingleR uses 28 reference databases spanning human and mouse, and g.nome's parallelization allows simultaneous multiple sample processing for optimal efficiency.

“These enhancements remove some of the hunting and marking researchers previously had to do for manual annotation and identifying cells in clusters,” said David Gascoigne, chief executive officer of Almaden Genomics. “Now, they can go to their workflow outputs and have one HTML document with all of their figures that is consistently formatted for easy distribution and interactive collaboration.”

In g.nome, HTML reports include QC figures, UMAP and t-SNE plots and interactive gene expression visualizations that make viewing and iterating upon results easy. The g.nome platform provides a powerful, yet flexible system for single-cell analysis with a workflow builder, quick and easy plug-n-play workflows, and interactive visualizations.

Single-cell analysis was added to g.nome earlier this year, enabling understanding of cellular diversity and disease mechanisms on a much more granular level. The newly added capabilities make researchers less reliant on bioinformaticians for pulling and analyzing data, and performing annotations. Additionally, the cloud-native platform removes the need for coding skills to handle big datasets reliably, facilitating quick data exploration, cluster identification, and gene expression profiling.


About Almaden Genomics

Almaden Genomics is accelerating drug discovery with g.nome®, a cloud-native platform designed to provide scientists with tools for high-throughput sequencing data analysis. g.nome provides an easy-to-use GUI workflow editor and builder with strong iteration, version control and data provenance capabilities, enabling biologists to confidently run and iterate upon bioinformatic workflows with ease. Formerly part of IBM Research, Almaden Genomics became a new standalone company under Catalyze Partners’ (www.catalyze.partners) ownership in 2022. For more information, visit www.almaden.io.


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